Peer-reviewed (refereed) is a designation given to a publication based on its policy of sending research articles out for review and evaluation by experts in the field before publication.  You can find a journals peer-reviewed status in the following ways:

  • Ulrich's Global Serials Directory is a database of journal information, including peer-review status.  The database may be searched on by title, topic, or publisher.
  • When you click on the "Find Text @ TAMU" or "Full Text @ TAMU" button, new window will open with links to the full text of the article, if it is available.  There is also a yellow "sticky note" on the right side of the window with information about the journals peer-review status.  This information is pulled from the Ulrich's Global Serials Directory.
  • Publishers website.  If you know the name of the journal, you can consult the publishers website.  Peer review information is often in the overview or summary information about the journal, or in the author instructions.

NOTE:  Not all items published in a peer-reviewed journal are peer-reviewed.  Editorials, letters to the editor, and some non-research-based articles may not pass through the peer-review process.


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