The Libraries have two Garmin GPSmap 76CSx and two Garmin eTrex Legend HCx units are available for checkout to students, faculty and staff of Texas A&M University and the system agencies in Maps & GIS located on the second floor of the Evans Library.   Copies of the manuals and user guides are also available.   Each unit can be used for navigation and data collection.  Data may be downloaded on the Map & GIS Library GIS-enabled laptop, and brought into GIS programs for further analysis. 

Each unit includes 1:24,000 scale maps showing parks, forests, recreational and wildlife areas, terrain contours and elevations, and detailed coverage of lakes, rivers and streams.  The units feature a searchable database of urban and rural points of interest and routable road content.   Accuracy is 3-5 meters (10-16 feet) under standard conditions.

GPS enabled maps of Texas are preloaded on the units.  New Mexico and Arizona are also available and may be requested at the Map and GIS Collections and Services desk.

Loan Policy

GPS units circulate for 7 days and may be renewed once by phone or in person if there is no waiting list.  Units will be checked out at the Map & GIS Library.  A late fee of $75.00 will be charged to any patron who returns a unit late.

At no time may the Micro-SD Card be removed or modified in any way.  Patron will be held responsible for any damages to unit and/or Micro-SD Card.  Software for downloading waypoints is on the Map/GIS laptop.   No data may be uploaded to the GPS unit from an external source.   We suggest that you carry 2 extra AA batteries when operating in field conditions for backup.

See below for instruction manuals and tutorials.  To reserve a unit, call 979.845.1024 or email

Media & Reserves has GPS for your car that can be checked out - the nuvi 1300.  Contact them on the 4th floor of the Annex at  979-845-2316. 

Garmin GPSmap 76CSx Owner's Manual

Garmin eTrex Legend HCx Owner's Manual

General Information about GPS

Global Positioning Systems a fact sheet from the US Geological Survey

GPS Guide for Beginners    a 23-page PDF file from Garmin

How GPS Receivers Work  — an introduction from

What is GPS?  - a description from Garmin


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