You can use DynaMed on your personal device by first creating a personal DyanMed account. Then use you personal DyanMed account to authenticate into the app.

Create your own personal account

  1. Access DynaMed from the MSL website
  2. Click on "SIGN IN" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  3. Click "Register now" and complete the form

Download the App

  1. Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play store and search for DynaMed (not DynaMed Plus)
  2. Download the app and login with your personal account credentials, see above
  3. Pick your use option (online, partial or full download)

Note: Because of the large file size for download options, EBSCO recommends performing the initial content download while connected to a wireless network. Be patient, the full download will take a while to complete.

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