We have many newspaper databases that have coverage for a wide range of newspapers. 

For quick links to a range of our newspaper resources, please use the webpage Newspapers

If you are interested in seeing full color scans of the original print or online editions, one of the better databases to browse for current news is: Press Reader

You can limit to your language choice and choose the News section on the left sidebar. For quick access to US newspapers with today's headlines, click:

If your newspapers of choice are not found in this database you may try searching for the newspaper in LibCat using Journal Keyword. You would then look at the item record to see if we had current print versions in the library, or if you are interested in electronic content, click on Find Text@TAMU and choose the database with the relevant time period coverage. 

If you are interested in only electronic copy, click on eJournals and type in the name of the newspaper. Then choose the applicable database that has the time period coverage you need.

NOTE: do be aware that only Press Reader has a full color original scan or online edition layout; other databases will contain headline articles, mostly in HTML.

Popular titles:

Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition)

New York Times

Washington Post or alternate database

Los Angeles Times

Dallas Morning News or alternate database

NOTE: please utilize the Newspapers LibGuide as well for more extensive examples of newspapers with current and historical news, as well as database aggregators that search many newspapers at a time.

If you want to browse a list of all our newspaper databases try this search.

If you have more questions about our newspaper holdings, feel free to contact us.

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