It generally takes 2-4 days for article deliveries and 3-10 days to receive requested loan materials, depending on availability. Some requests can take much longer, and others can be available in less than 48 hours.

For items not available in TAMU libraries, the document delivery/interlibrary services staff members use several international interlibrary loan networks to place your requests. Requests are automatically routed to five or more libraries in a sequence. Each library has up to four days to respond to our orders. Delivery time depends on many factors, but the main variables are where the material is located and how quickly that library or supplier responds to requests. Library users should identify necessary sources well ahead of the due date of a paper or project.

If you need an item by a specific deadline, please indicate this date in the "not wanted after" section on the request form. Also, in the note field, leave a note for us, such as "RUSH, please." Staff members will make every effort to get the material to you in the shortest time possible. If we are unable to fill your request by the "not wanted after" date, your request will be canceled.


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