Yes, you will need a picture ID to check out books and other items from the Library, preferably your A&M ID if you are currently affiliated with A&M.  If you do not have your A&M ID you will need to present another form of photo identification.  IDs must be clear and readable or you may be asked for another photo id.

If you are not currently affiliated with Texas A&M, you will need one of the following:

  • Community Users - a valid Texas A&M University Library card along with a current photo ID.  The cost for a Community User is $15 per year.
  • TexShare Users - a TexShare card from your local public or college/university library along with a current photo ID.

Acceptable forms of photo identification are:
1.         Government issued photo id card with
            a.       name
            b.       unique number
            c.       address preferred but not necessary
2.       College or University photo ID card from some colleges and universities.  ID card preferably will include:
             a.       name
             b.       unique number

Note:  We will not accept a picture/photo of your identification.

See also:  Can non-students use the Library's computers to access the internet. 


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