You can find processed (archival) material owned by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives by searching in Archon

This website often operates as a glorified word document, so make sure your searches are very basic. If the word is spelled or punctuated differently than the term you are searching, it might not pop up in your search.


How to Use Archon

  1. Go to:


  1. To search, you can type in your request in the search bar on the top right.


  • Please note that you will not be required (nor able) to Log In unless you are a Cushing Memorial Library and Archives employee with an account. Logging in is not required to search Archon.


  1. By clicking “search,” a page with “Records and Manuscripts” and the number of matches will appear in your browser.


Click on “Records and Manuscripts,” which will expand the page to the results.


  1. Click on the item you want to view.


Another page will open for the material. On the right-hand side of this page, there will usually be the words “Finding Aid.” Click on “Finding Aid” to expand to show the entire finding aid.


Then, while you are on the same window, you can use your internet browser to search the page by typing “Ctrl” [control] + “f” [the letter “f”]. This will open up a pane (usually on the top right of your browser window) where you can type in a search term. This will tell you the number of appearances that word makes in the finding aid. You can click through the results (they are usually highlighted) using that pane.


  1. Request material.


When you find something you would like to see, here is the following information Public Services staff will need in order to retrieve the material for you:

  • The collection name, which is up at the top of the finding aid in big, bold letters (e.g. “E. B. Cushing Research Material”)
  • The name of the series (e.g. “Series 1: Photocopies of secondary and tertiary sources for research material”)
  • The box number or name
  • The number and names of any folders you would like to see.


Other Tips:


Public Services staff would highly recommend by starting your search with the word “remstar” if your material is related to Texas A&M University archives.


This will pull up three different results for our various clippings files (newspaper articles, emails, photographs, etc.):


  • “REMSTAR 1: Pictures”
  • “REMSTAR 2: Biography Files”
  • “REMSTAR 3: Buildings and Special Subjects”


Search the same way you would to find other material (see steps above). Public Services staff will need in order to retrieve the material for you.

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