What to Bring to the Kelsey Reading Room


You must wear a face covering in any library spaces. All exemptions must be approved prior to entering the library. For more information, see this FAQ.


To reduce the spread of coronavirus, the following items, which are typically prohibited, will be allowed:

  • All personal belongings must be brought up to the Kelsey Reading Room and placed in the plastic bin as instructed. Any materials that do not fit in the bins (like large umbrellas) will be placed on the floor next to the bin. 
  • Water in a secure container, which must be kept in the plastic bin.

You are encouraged to bring the following into the Kelsey Reading Room:

  • no. 2 pencils
  • laptop or tablet computers or mobile phones
  • small camera (for personal use only)
  • reference books (these will be identified during your sign-in process)

The following items are prohibited:

  • food and drink may not be consumed in the Kelsey Reading Room
  • pens, highlighters, markers, or any other writing utensils other than pencil
  • tripods, additional lenses or other photographic equipment, including flatbed or hand scanners
  • cutting tools


If you are not sure whether an item should come up to the second floor, please contact Public Services staff and ask.

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