How to Use Flickr For Cushing Materials


  1. Go to:


  1. To search these images, make sure you select the icon of a magnifying glass halfway down the page and to the right.

This will ensure that you are only searching within Cushing’s Flickr, rather than all of Flickr. This will bring up a blue block within the larger search box at the top of the page that reads “Cushing Memorial… | Photos.” Make sure this blue box shows up before you do any searching for images; otherwise, you will be searching all of Flickr.

You may also browse images by viewing albums on various subjects.


  1. Click on the item you want to view.

The image you selected will appear on the page with metadata below.


  1. Save the image.

If you would like to have a copy of the digital file, you may select the download button (just under the image on the right).


  1. Request a higher quality scan of material.


If you find an image that you would like to request we provide a higher-resolution scan that that you would like to have a high resolution scan of, you will need the following information to submit your request for duplication:

  • The URL for the page
  • The name of the photograph (words following “Title:”)
  • The “Date Issued:”
  • The “Format Medium:”
  • All the information listed after “Identifier:”


Example of the information needed using this image of Cushing Memorial Library and Archives:


Once you have this information, see our FAQ on Duplication for how to use this information to request the high-quality scan.


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