How to Use the Newspapers Online


  1. Go to:


  1. To search, type keywords in the search bar in the top, middle of the page. You can also search using the “Advanced Search” by clicking on those words just to the right of the general search bar. This will help you limit your results.

You can also browse issues of The Battalion by date at this link:


  1. Your search should pull up several pages of newspapers with keywords highlighted in the text that match your search.

You can navigate the page results by selecting previous (“prev”) or “next” or a specific page number.

You can also sort your results by selecting “Relevance,” “Title,” or “Date,” in the “Sort by:” drop down menu.

You can also tailor the number of results per page by selecting “20” or “50” from the dropdown menu near the “Results per page.”


  1. Click on the item you want to view.

Additional navigation should pop up when you are viewing a specific issue or page.

You can use the toggle links at the top middle of the pages to page through the issue (“prev Page next”) or move through different issues “prev Issue next”

You can zoom in and out on the image using the “+” or “-“ signs on the top left of the window. You can see where you are located on the page by viewing your location in the red box in the viewer on the top, right-side of the window. The home button will bring you back to the center of the image, and the fourth icon will allow you to see the image in full screen view.


  1. Save images.

If you want scans of any of those images, select the format you would like (text, PDF, JP2, or Clip Image) to bring up another window of that image that you can then download.

You may also right-click the image and select “Save image as,” to save a PNG of the image.


  1. Request a higher quality scan of material.

If you find an image that you would like to request we provide a higher-resolution scan that that you would like to have a high resolution scan of, you will need the following information to submit your request for duplication:

  • The URL for the page
  • The Date of the Issue
  • The Digital page number of the image
    • This is at the end of the line of maroon text with the date of the Battalion above the image.
  • The physical page number from The Battalion
  • (optional) An image of the page

Example of the information needed using this article about the importance of the TAMU Libraries for student success from 1963 found from a keyword search “Cushing Memorial Library and Archives:


Once you have this information, see our FAQ on Duplication for how to use this information to request the high-quality scan.


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