How to Use the Yearbooks Online


  1. Go to:


  1.  You can view the yearbooks by selecting the year you would like to see from the pull down menu under “Select a Year” in the middle left of that page. Then click “Go.”


  1. This will open up an e-reader for the material.

You can use the arrows on the bottom right or click on the screen to navigate through pages as if you were turning the pages in a physical copy of the yearbook.

You can also navigate through pages by moving the pointing figure left or right along the bar at the bottom of the page.

You can also view one page (single rectangle), the two facing pages (two rectangles side-by-side), or thumbnail images (four black boxes) by selecting icons at the bottom right.


  1. There is a search bar at the top right of the page. You can look for words that may appear in the yearbook. This usually works better with simple searches.

Once you search a word, you can see the results in the bar on the bottom.

If you hover over the search results, you can see the text where the search term was mentioned before clicking to see an image of the page.

Keep in mind that these searches may take a while to load or may not always work.

In those cases, it might be better to flip through the pages yourself, and to reference the index (if there is one).


  1. Save images.

You could also right click on the image and select “Save image as” in order to save a fairly high-quality JPEG image.


  1. Request a higher quality scan of material.

If you find an image that you would like to request we provide a higher-resolution scan that that you would like to have a high resolution scan of, you will need the following information to submit your request for duplication:

  • The Year for the Yearbook: 1895 Olio
    • This is found at the top left of the viewing screen after “Yearbook Collection à
  • The URL for the page:
  • The physical page number: No page number, but next page is 23.
    • The number is usually at the bottom of the digitized image. If there isn’t a number on the page, you can note that, and find the page number of the nearby pages.
  • The Electronic page number: 29
    • If you hover over the toggle that you can slide to see pages at the bottom of the screen with the icon of a white-gloved hand, the electronic page number is the first number on the left.


Example of the information needed using this image of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas from 1895 Olio:


Once you have this information, see our FAQ on Duplication for how to use this information to request the high-quality scan.

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