Please be advised that these guidelines are being reviewed and are subject to change.

Duplication Limitations

The number of scans requested is limited to 100 units per term for non-Audio/Visual (A/V) material, and ten hours units per term for A/V material. 


Term 1

January 1st - May 31st 

Term 2

June 1st - August 31st

Term 3

September 1st - December 31st


The following are guidelines for what constitutes one unit depending on the format of the original material:


Bound Material*

1 page (1-sided)

Flat Material**

1 page (1-sided)


1 photograph sheet (1-sided)

Audio/Visual Material

1 hour of digitization


All reproduction orders are limited to a maximum of 10% of the material and must also comply with the limit of materials per term.


*This includes books and any other two-dimensional material that is bound.


**This includes archival material, maps, prints, and any other two-dimensional material that is not bound.

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