To obtain a copy of your relative’s digitized thesis or dissertation you have three options:

1. Determine if you are the copyright owner.

Copyright is passed to heirs in the same way physical property is. If you can provide proof that you are a copyright owner of this work, you can request that it be ‘Set It Free,' so it is openly available to everyone. Additional information is available through the Finding Dissertations and Theses guide.

Find more information on copy right transfer through this US Copyright Office circular.

2. Visit the Texas A&M University campus.

You can access the electronic version in the OAK Trust Digital Repository from any computer on the campus network. A guest login is required to use TAMU Libraries computers. To obtain a guest login, present a current official photo ID (driver's license, visa, passport, etc.) at the AskUs desk.

3. Request a copy through your local library.

Your local library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service can provide assistance with requesting a copy of the thesis or dissertation from Texas A&M University Libraries.

The way that ILL works is that you make a request for the thesis from your home library. They will need the citation and location of the thesis to process your request. They will then arrange with the ILL department at the Texas A&M Libraries to obtain the copy for you.