OAKTrust will accept research, academic and creative materials developed by members of the Texas A&M community, including materials generated by faculty and students.

Materials produced by persons outside the Texas A&M community may be added to OAKTrust upon approval of the University Libraries. Normally, such materials must be closely associated with Texas A&M. (For example, research undertaken collaboratively with Texas A&M researchers, invited guest lectures presented at Texas A&M, proceedings of conferences held on the Texas A&M campus and co-organized with Texas A&M, etc.)

Faculty & Researchers

Texas A&M Faculty and researchers have default access to the “Faculty Research” community and the “Faculty Publications” collection in OAKTrust. They will need authorization of a Collection Administrator or OAKTrust manager to submit into other collections. Within the context of the policy, Texas A&M faculty and researchers may decide what types of materials they wish to submit. Such materials could include preprints or postprints of published articles (if permitted by publishers/copyright holders), working papers, conference papers, lectures, monographs/e-books, book reviews, datasets, podcasts, webcasts, etc.

Graduate students

Theses and dissertations are uploaded to OAKTrust by graduate students in accordance with the Thesis Office through Vireo Thesis and Dissertation Submission System. Exemplary non thesis graduate student work worthy of long term online access and preservation may be included in the OAKTrust repository provided the student’s supervisor/instructor agrees.

Undergraduate students

Honors Research Fellows and Undergraduate Research Scholars Theses are added to OAKTrust by undergraduate research scholars in accordance with the Honors and Undergraduate Research office through Vireo Thesis Submission System. Other best undergraduate student work worthy of long term online access and preservation may be included in the OAKTrust repository with formal approval of the student’s professor, instructor or supervisor.  


Texas A&M staff are welcome to contact OAKTrust staff regarding proposed submission of their research, academic or work related creative materials to the OAKTrust repository.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars and other individuals and groups who participate in the activities undertaken at or in connection with Texas A&M should communicate with the appropriate campus unit (e.g. the unit that invited them) if they are interested in submitting  Texas A&M related work to OAKTrust.

Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students may submit work to the Repository.