Any digital format will be accepted and stored as is. The formats have their associated file viewer freely available on the Internet will be fully supported. Given the problems with preserving proprietary file formats, we encourage you to submit in a recommended file format.

Depending on the size of your files and the speed of your internet connection, you may experience difficulties or delays when uploading audio and video files for submission. Any single file larger than 512 MB may require assistance from OAKTrust manager.

Text Formats File Extensions
Acrobat PDF/A .pdf
Comma-Separated Values .csv
Open Office Formats .odt, .ods, .odp
Plain text (US-ASCII, UTF-8) .txt
XML .xml


Image/Graphic Formats File Extensions
JPEG .jpg
JPEG2000 .jp2, .jpf
PNG   .png
SVG 1.1 (no Java binding) .svg
TIFF   .tif, .tiff


Audio Formats File Extensions
AIFF .aif, .aiff
WAVE .wav


Video Formats File Extensions
AVI (uncompressed) .avi
Motion JPEG2000 .mj2, .mjp2