Links to Google Scholar on the Libraries websites use software called EZproxy to provide off-campus access to full text subscriptions. EZproxy assigns all computers the same IP address. During times of heavy usage, this occasionally causes Google to misinterpret searches as being made by a robot and block access. There are a couple of options to resolve the problem.

  1. Try deleting the browser cache and cookies, close the browser session, wait 10–15 minutes, and start a fresh browser session. In some cases this has worked.
  2. Use the generic Google Scholar URL and add TAMU Libraries to the Google Scholar settings.  
  • Go to Google Scholar,, and click on the “Settings” icon just under the black bar.
  • Click on “Library links” in the left-side navigation.
  • If you are within a recognized TAMU IP range (probably on campus) you may see “Texas A&M University – Full text@TAMU” selected along with “Open WorldCat – Library Search.”
  • If not, search for Texas A&M University – Full text@TAMU in the search box, select it and save the change.
  • The computer/device should remember these settings.
  • To access full text, select the Full text@TAMU link or the free content links on the right side of the page; the hyperlinked titles will not recognize an affiliation with Texas A&M University even after you have logged into EZproxy to access Full text@TAMU. The hyperlinked titles don’t pass through our proxy.

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