The library uses software called EZproxy to provide off-campus access to library subscription resources (e-books, e-journals, databases, etc.). This is what the Libraries' EZproxy does:

  • It allows authentication with a NetID and password.
  • You only need to authenticate once for a given browser session.
  • Once authenticated, library resources see your computer as being on campus and allow access.
  • The resources only see the IP address of the EZproxy system (a TAMU campus IP).
  • The resource URL may be modified during the authentication process. The URL changes are only evident if you are off campus and the URL needs to have the EZProxy information pre-pended in order for it to pass through EZProxy for off campus access. For example:
    • This is the Google Scholar link that goes through EZProxy,
    • Here is the URL as it displays to authenticated off campus patrons,

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