The Medical Sciences Library has a responsibility to the libraries that lend books to our patrons through Get It For Me. Our policy is as follows:

Due Dates and Renewals

Interlibrary Loan due dates are determined by the lending library.

Renewals may be placed online through MyLibrary if the lending library allows renewals. Patrons may also call MSL AskUs desk and speak with a staff member or email to renew their books when renewals have been allowed by the lending library.

Renewals may not be placed after the due date.

Items are subject to recall by the lending library. Patrons will receive an email notifying them of the new due date.

Renewals are not allowed for recalled items.

Patrons receive an email reminder 3 days before their book is due (except for recalled items). Afterwards, they receive 3 overdue emails at 1, 5, and 7 days overdue.


After receiving the 3rd overdue notice, patron’s account is blocked in Interlibrary Loan’s system (ILLiad/Tipasa), as well as in the library system (MSL Voyager/Folio). The patron will not be able to check out any items at the Medical Sciences Library (books, laptops, reserve/reference items, study rooms or anything with a barcode).  

If an item is 2 weeks overdue, the patron’s account will be charged a non-refundable $25 processing fee. This fee must be paid online through MyLibrary. The patron may also receive a notice in the mail from Medical Sciences Library.

When the item is 3 weeks overdue, a hold will be placed on patron’s student account (Howdy). The patron will not be able to register for classes, receive their grades, or request a transcript. This hold can only be removed when fine is paid in full.

Any invoice received from the lending library will be passed on to the borrowing patron. The amount of the invoice will be reflected on patron’s MyLibrary account.

Returning items 2 weeks after their due date in two separate instances results in loss of Get It For Me privileges. Reinstating this service is up to the library’s discretion.

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