What is CityEngine?

CityEngine is a software program created by Esri. The program is designed to generate models based off a series of commands. This allows you to create city models quickly and easily without having to manually edit every model. CityEngine also allows you to connect your ArcGIS Online account via desktop application (Step 8). You will not be able to access CityEngine directly from the ArcGIS Online Website (as you would be able to for Business Analyst of StoryMap) for this download. Learn more about CityEngine.

Want to get started in CityEngine? 

Esri has created a helpful tutorial guide for getting started with CityEngine

How to download CityEngine: ​

  1. Click on the set-up file link for your computer platform and select download from the Google drive page.

CityEngine_2019.exe (for Windows)

CityEngine_2019.dmg  (for Mac)  

     2. Click on the executable file. 

  1. Select an appropriate destination.

  1. Begin your CityEngine set up process.​​

  1. Click finish once the program is installed.  

  1. Once finished, the window below should appear. If it does not, type CityEngine Administrator into your desktop search bar and select it.
    1. Under Select a product choose, CityEngine Concurrent use.
    2. Under Define a License Manager for Concurrent Use product, select Define a License Manager. now: and type in and then select OK.

  1. You have now installed CityEngine.
  2. When you launch CityEngine be sure to select Enterprise login and enter in TAMU to the box provided.

  1. Once the program has launched, login using the enterprise login again. 



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