Did you run out of ArcGIS online Credits?

If you have run out of ArcGIS online credits you should receive an email automatically telling you that you have run out. The reason you have run out of credits is that, through the University’s Esri subscription, we receive a set allotment of credits for the year for the entire campus to use. Credits are used to pay for storage, analytics, and data services. Each user has an initial 200 credit balance when they have spent all of these credits, They will be allocated more. Additionally, the use of the Esri geocoder is discouraged because it consumes a large number of credits quickly. As an alternative, the free geocoding service offered by the TAMU GeoInnovation Center is recommended. In addition to their coder, they link to several other free geocoders as well.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the Maps & GIS.

You can reach the Maps & GIS Department by going to the desk on the second floor of Evans Library or by contacting the department through these means.

Phone: 979-845-1024


Additionally, you can submit a ticket online here.









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