In order to allow a group of people to edit the same StoryMap, an admin is needed and the admin has to create a group for the editing. 

1. Go to sign in your ArcGIS Online Account and select the groups tab on the top of the page, then press Create Group. 



2. Configure the settings by adding “Group Name” and “Tags” as these are required. It is also very important to note that when creating a group with the purpose of sharing and editing a story map TO SELECT “All items” under the “What items in the group can its members update?” option (this will allow you to publish a story map and share it to the group).


3. After you create the group, you can add users by selecting the “Invite Users button”  as well as have the option to add content to the group. 



4. To add content to the group you will have to click on the content tab within your group and select the “add content button” to add your story map. 



5. Then you will go back to your Storymap (Assuming your story map has already been created), share the StoryMap (How to make a Story Map) with the group that you just create. Now your group should be able to view, edit, and publish your story map.


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