Embedding links correctly is important for remote access, accessibility, and honoring the Libraries' licensing agreements.  

Adding the EZProxy URL (easy as 1-2-3!)

1.  Copy the URL from the library database

2.  Prefix the URL with[your URL goes here] (be sure to remove the brackets [ ] ) 

3.  Add the link to eCampus, Canvas, or class website

Tips for Success

  • The library must license the resource in order to provide access.  If the resource you want is not available through the University Libraries, please contact your librarian.

  • The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a great way to add a URL.  DOI URLs can be created by adding the DOI number to the EZProxy prefix.  Example:

  • The Libraries' Quick Search can create the EZProxy URL for you.

    • Find your resource using the Quick Search box on the on the University Libraries homepage.

    • Hover over the paper with the magnifying glass icon

    • Select detailed record.

    • Click "Permalink" to copy the link.

    • Embed the link in eCampus, Canvas, or class website.

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