1. On opening the laptop, a screen will appear saying "Welcome to Chromebook." Click the "Let's Go" button


  1. Select the Wi-Fi you want to join. A series of options will appear that you can change. The main important fields are:
    • EAP Method: make sure you select PEAP, *not* LEAP (which is the default)
    • Identity: Like a Username field. If connecting to TAMU_WiFi, put your NetID here.
    • Password: The Password field. If connecting to TAMU_WiFi, put the password for your NetID here.


  1. Once these are filled out, hit "Connect."


  1. When you get to the "Google Chrome OS Terms" screen, hit "Accept and Continue."


  1. At this point, the laptop might start checking for updates. If you see "Enterprise enrollment complete," simply click "Done."


  1. At the "Sign into your Chromebook" scree, click "Next."


  1. Enter your NetID and NetID Password to login



  • The login for this computer uses your Google Account through A&M, meaning any bookmarks you use can be saved through the cloud and accessed through different devices.


  • To lock your Chromebook, click the system tray and click the Lock icon. You can also briefly press the Power button.
    • Be careful pressing the Power button to lock, since pressing for longer is how you turn the power off too.

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