The simplest way to find materials is to use the EDS search bar on our homepage. If you are looking for a specific item, most can be found with a basic title search. You can use the search limiters to the left of the results list to limit results to certain types of item, such as books or articles. The results will either show you the location of physical items, or provide a link to electronic materials.

Instead of a title search, you can also search by author or using keywords. You can use the advanced search options to combine multiple search terms to find more specific results.

In addition to the EDS search on the homepage, you'll find links to other search options below the search bar.

  • The Library Catalog - A good choice if you are looking for a book from our physical collection
  • The Databases Index - You can pick a specific database to search to get results more relevant to your area of research
    • Check out the "Guides" link for class or subject LibGuides to help you pick suitable databases
  • The eJournals Index - If you want to browse articles from a specific journal, this index will show you the various options for accessing them

Do you need a book or article that you can't find in our collections? From the Services drop-down menu, select Services→Additional Services→Get It For Me (ILL). Our GIFM service can find institutions with materials we do not have access to and borrow them on your behalf.

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