Yes. Our catalogs do not require a login for access.

  • Our general catalog, LibCat, is available from any web browser at
  • Our Medical Sciences Library has a separate catalog, available at

To search for items in our special collections library, Cushing, you can also use ARCHON:

Please note that the search bar on the Library homepage accesses additional resources outside of our catalogs, and does require a login.

If you are in the Library, you can use our computers without a login to access the general catalog:

  • Press any button to start
  • Click "OK" to accept the terms of service
  • Select "Account Help" in the bottom left corner to open a limited web browser
  • Select "LibCat - General Libraries" from the list of available sites in the top left of the page.
  • When you are done, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select "sign out" to close your session.

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