We are doing everything to avoid this scenario by relying on ORCID to check their existing records before creating a new iD for any Texas A&M researcher. If they find an existing record, they will not assign a new ORCID iD for that individual and will provide us a report of the existing ORCID iD holders so we can use the existing number in our systems. That said, it is possible that ORCID may miss a TAMU-related record if the email in their data is different than the email we supply them for each of our campus researchers. We are pulling email addresses from the Campus Directory. If you have an existing ORCID record associated with a different email address, the ORCID matching protocol may not catch the existing ORCID. For that reason, we strongly encourage those with an existing ORCID record at to add all possible email accounts associated with your work. This will reduce that chance that ORCID misses your existing ORCID iD when the Libraries requests iDs for Texas A&M researchers.

For more information see the Research Guide, ORCID and Other Researcher Identifiers.

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