Only one OAK Fund application is needed per multi-authored scholarly work, but the OAK funds allocated will be divided equally among all eligible TAMU authors.  Each eligible author’s portion for the jointly authored work will be deducted from any future allocation of OAK funds to each respective TAMU author.

It is important that the OAK Application be supplemented with a statement from each author that says:

I am a co-author on the article <title> by <authors> that is being published by <journal>.

I have approved submission of this work to the Texas A&M University Libraries’ Oak Fund to provide support for the Open Access fees incurred by this article. I confirm that <OAK Fund applicant> has paid or will pay the entire Open Access fee from a grant account and I agree to <his/her>  claim for the full reimbursement of the publication fee. I also understand that my portion of this OAK Fund allocation will be deducted from any future funds available to me through this program.

Once an OAK Fund application is submitted as usual by one of the eligible TAMU authors, this statement should be sent by all the other TAMU co-authors via email to

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