Thanks for checking with us about the email you received from kudos for being such a savvy, security-minded Internet user!!! 

The message from is for real.  The Texas A&M University Libraries are working in partnership with to establish unique scholar identifiers for graduate students and other new scholars in our campus community.  (We will also later work to make sure Faculty members and other Researchers have ORCID iDs, as well.) 

We have sent out several messages to the graduate students this semester to let you know what was happening with ORCID. Sorry if our message went to an account you are not actively using!  If you would like to read more about ORCID iDs and the project to establish them here in Aggieland, please check out our online guide.


You are also welcome to email your questions to us via  If you would like an ORCID specialist to visit your group or department, please ask! 

We are here to help you establish and manage your scholarly identity lifelong. Gig 'em!



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