For Webpages

  1. Go to a webpage
  2. Click on RefGrab-It
  3. Click on box next to webpage info
  4. Click Import into RefWorks
  5. Click View Last Imported Folder
  6. Click edit next to citation to change information as needed, usually need to add information on author
  7. Click Save Reference to save changes

For Books

RefGrab-It will recognize ISBNs on a page (unique numbers designated to books).  Several cites list ISBN’s such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. When information about book is on the screen:

  1. Click on RefGrab-It
  2. Click on box next to book
  3. Click Import into RefWorks

For Articles

Do not use these steps for articles listed in a subscription database, such as those available through CSA, EBSCO, Ovid, and so on. RefGrab-It recognizes DOI numbers (unique numbers designated to some articles) and PubMed IDs (unique numbers given to PubMed articles).

  1. If you see a DOI or PubMed ID number, Click on RefGrab-It
  2. Click on box next to article to import
  3. Click Import into RefWorks

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