The authors of Theses and Dissertations may temporarily restrict access to their work by placing an embargo or hold for a period of time.  The Libraries are not authorized to provide a copy of the work during this time for anyone. You may find out if there is an embargo or hold by searching for the item in the Oak Trust. If there is a hold:

  1. There will be a note in red at the top of the record stating that it is not available because it is under embargo.
  2. Click on "Show full item Record" at the bottom to find out when the hold will be lifted.
  3. The date the hold is scheduled to be lifted is located at the bottom under "local.embargo.lift"
  4. NOTE: Even though the link to the pdf is active, clicking on it will take you through the login process only to find out that it is restricted. This is not a mistake. Theses and Dissertations with an embargo are not available to anyone.

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