Howdy, Aggie grad student, and welcome!  The Libraries created ORCIDs for all graduate students who were enrolled as of February 2014, and you may look up your ORCID in our database at

Graduate students who enrolled in Summer or Fall semesters have not been assigned an ORCID yet via the Libraries' minting process.  The process will start in October, minting an ORCID for any graduate student whose record is included in the Campus Directory.

If you want to create an ORCID before the Libraries' process begins, that's okay!  Just let us know what your ORCID iD is so we can add it to the Libraries' master file.  In that way, your ORCID iD will be added to your campus directory record and also we will avoid creating you a second ORCID when we mint the identifiers for the other graduate students this fall.  Please email your NETID and ORCID number to us at

Additional information about ORCID identifiers, and the benefits of establishing your scholarly identity using ORCID, is available in our ORCID LibGuide.


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