The Libraries have two types of collaboration stations/presentation screens. The wePresent screens connect wirelessly via an app on your device, while the media:scapes require an HDMI port on your device to connect.

  • media:scapes simply work by plugging in a computer to one of the attached HDMI cables and then pressing the display screen number (there may only be one) on the puck.
  • wePresent screens work by downloading an app to your device. After running the app, input the IP number and the code displayed on the TV screen.
    Use Windows Sender or Mac Sender for your laptop, or the MirrorOP Presenter app from the Play/App Store for your mobile device.

Full instructions are linked at the bottom of this FAQ.

Evans Library

  • wePresents are located in the group study rooms 108-C, 108-D, 112-A, 210-J, and 210K.
  • media:scapes are located in group study room 110-G and (two) in the 2nd floor open study area by Maps & GIS.

Library Annex

  • media:scapes are located in group study room 208 and in the 2nd floor open study area.

Business Library & Collaboration Commons

  • wePresents are located in groups study rooms 203 and 302.
  • Two media:scapes are located in the Barclay Center

Medical Sciences Library

  • wePresents are located in group study room 220 and GPS Zone group study room 132.
  • media:scapes are located in GPS Zone group study rooms 112 and 128, and (two) in the 1st floor computer area.

Instructions are listed in the attached documents. However, the instructions for WePresent as compiled by the Civil Engineering department are a good quick start guide. For more detailed instructions, refer to the WePresent file listed below:

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