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Duplication Services


Cushing Memorial Library and Archives staff facilitates research and makes resources accessible for patron use. We provide the ability to request high-quality digital duplication of materials in our collections.


Requests for duplication are considered on a case-by-case basis. Our ability to fulfill your request may depend on a variety of factors, including the condition of the material, copyright, or donor restriction. 

Duplication Order Process

All orders must be placed directly with Public Services staff. 


  1. Select the material you’d like duplicated in our online catalog or finding aids.
  2. Fill out all the duplication request paperwork completely (attached below).

Please see Duplication Format and Sizes and Duplication Limitations for more information about how to make your request.


  1. Public Services staff will acknowledge receipt of your request. 
  2. Public Services staff will contact you with the cost for the duplication request.  Please see Duplication Pricing for more information about the cost of your request.
  3. Pay for your request within five business days of being contacted by Public Services staff with the price. 

The request may not be canceled or changed by the patron after payment has been received.


  1. Upon receipt of payment, Public Services staff will fulfill your request. Please see Timeline for Requests for more information.
  2. Public Services staff will notify you when your request is complete, with instructions for how to download files. Please see Duplication Delivery for more information.

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If you have questions about requesting duplication, please  contact Public Services staff ( 


For more information that may help you with your request, please see our documentation regarding:


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